Monthly Archives: October 2017

CIVA, a CO Quantum Learning school, wins state award!

A charter school Quantum Learning has partnered with for many years was just awarded the Colorado Governor’s Distinguished Improvement Award for exceptional student growth on state assessments.  …  Its doing “different and unusual things to help students achieve”.  Through QL, it uses techniques to keep students alert and interested.

“It’s the concept of paying much more attention to students’ state of learning and making sure teachers are delivering engaging, memorable lessons. The whole atmosphere is positive and peer-friendly. Our approach focuses on ensuring students are in the best place to learn – mentally, emotionally, and physically.” Randy Zimmerman, headmaster.

This video is featured on the CO Department of Education website as part of its series “Stories of Promising Practices”

Randy wrote us: “Partnering with QL has benefited our students and staff immensely.  I love being a part of creating a school where students are excelling.”