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Build a brand of education excellence. 

By Mark Reardon   

Superintendents, principals, and teachers often let their brand develop haphazardly. But the most respected brands—the ones that communicate educational excellence—are intentional. As chief learning officer for Quantum Learning, I have helped many educators build their brand and understand how it’s important.
Brand redefined.
Your brand states the non-negotiables to which you are committed. The more clearly defined your values, the more pervasive and credible your brand will be.

Your brand though, is only as good as your culture. Your brand is what you value above all else, and culture is the expression of that brand. 
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Two educational innovators bring excellence to classrooms.

Two influential innovators in the education field have teamed up to make an impact in classrooms with the newly published book Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Quantum Learning System. Barbara K. Given, Ph.D., author of Teaching to the Brain’s Natural Learning Systems, and our own Bobbi DePorter, have combined their in-depth knowledge of teaching and learning in this latest publication. The purpose of the book is to provide the how along with supporting evidence that supplies teachers with the methods needed for excellence in teaching. From teacher feedback during QLN’s professional development programs, it became apparent that much of the knowledge required for excellence in teaching is not taught in higher education teacher preparation courses. 
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Study reveals social and emotional learning results in unprecedented returns. 

In February, Columbia University released the outcome of a groundbreaking study called "The Economic Value of Social and Emotional Learning." And their findings might surprise you.

Over the last year, the Columbia study’s authors, Henry M. Levin and Clive Belfield, examined the economic returns from investments in six prominent social and emotional interventions—from learning and literacy programs to combat aggression and violence; to efforts to promote positive thinking, actions, and self-concepts; to practices that improve problem-solving abilities, capacities to manage emotions, and the very skills that lead to greater student motivation and engagement in their learning.

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Turning to corporations to a make a difference in 

In an effort to unite communities, companies, and children, Quantum Learning is pursuing corporate sponsorships of our Student Summits. By geo-targeting major businesses located within a 20-mile radius of public schools, we’re hoping to entice corporations to sponsor 5 students, 15 students, 30 students or more. The tiers, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, come with major perks for the sponsors as well. From discounts for their employees to exposure through media outlets—it’s a win-win situation for all involved. To learn more information, or if you know of any potential corporations that might be interested, please contact Cristina Babin at 800-285-3276 extension 199 or email her at
Out & About
April 29 - May 2        
California PTA Convention
Sacramento, California

May 17-18        
Teacher of the Year
Leadership Summit

San Diego, California

June 1-4           
Public Institute – Essentials, Classroom Culture & Management
Nashville, Tennessee

June 8 & 9           
Public Institute –Essentials
Nashville, Tennessee

June 9 & 10                 
Public Institute –
Long Lake, Minnesota
June 16–17               
Public Institute – Essentials
Elgin, Illinois 
June 22–26               
Public Institute – Essentials, Classroom Culture & Management, Design & Delivery
QLN Campus
Oceanside, California           
June 30–July 1         
Public Institute – Classroom Culture & Management
Elgin, Illinois
June 30–July 2         
NAESP’s 2015 Annual Conference & Exposition
Long Beach, California

July 6–11           
Kansas FFA -
Delta Tri-State Conference

Curtis, Nebraska
July 13–14                
Student Summit –
Middle School   

QLN Campus
Oceanside, California           
July 19–July 22   
Youth Congress

San Francisco, California

August 7-8
Public Institute – Essentials
Stanford University
Palo Alto, California 

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