It's hard to believe that the new school year is already here! Get back into the groove and further your professional knowledge with these articles from Quantum Learning.

The Science of Learning

How Fear Hijacks the Brain

What’s really going on when a student reacts in fear for no apparent reason?

According to Stephen Porges, the neuroscientist behind the polyvagal theory, the amygdala stores traumatic memories as a kind of emotional “residue.” This residue makes the sympathetic nervous system hyper alert–it goes into continual overdrive, trying to detect danger.

The student’s rational side is no longer in control. The student is now subject to a complex interaction of brain chemicals and hormones.

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Development That Matters

The Shocking Truth about PD

Hate professional development days?

Then you’ll love this–research suggests that most PD has no lasting effect on classroom instruction or student achievement. But you already knew that from experience, didn’t you?

The shocking truth is that most teachers come to PD with a book or a computer or a grocery list–anything to occupy their time while they listen to boring, irrelevant information they’ll never apply in their classrooms.

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Why The Atom?

An Introduction to Our New Newsletter

We use the atom as an icon to represent the Quantum Learning components interacting and causing a shift in learning. It’s central to the Quantum Learning System, and it's now the name of our quarterly newsletter.

Back to School

Looking for fresh ways to energize your school in the new year?

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Program must be purchased by September 30, 2014, and the coaching session must follow one of the PD days.

Out & About

Look for us and our presenters at the following events:

September 19–20
NERA Annual Conference in Trumbull, Connecticut
What's the Brain Got to Do with It?–John Carter

October 16–17
UEA Convention in Sandy, Utah
Keynote Speaker–Christian Rauch

October 21–22
KSDE Annual Conference in Wichita, Kansas
Social–Emotional Factors–Melissa Cupp
Fueling Common Core Achievement–Mark Reardon
Teachers Say It Matters ...

"Doctors can’t practice medicine without knowing how the body works, so why do we put educators in the classroom without teaching them how the brain works? Quantum Learning fills the knowledge gap. I don’t know how I lived without Quantum Learning for my first 10 years of teaching.”

Christina Hoover, Academic Achievement Specialist at Cypress Woods High School in Cypress, Texas
... Because They Matter

“Before Quantum Learning, I had serious self-esteem issues. The evening sessions really helped, especially the part where we sat in a circle and talked about the different labels people give us. I became more confident in who I am.”
–Amber, Former GEAR UP Student from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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