Have a strong start to your school year.
August 2016 

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  • They’re coming tomorrow!
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They’re coming tomorrow!

Do you still feel it? Does it build in you like fluttering butterfly wings in your gut? Does your mind still race with faces of students, colleagues, and staff smiling and gesturing energetically? It’s the first days of school. They are special days that shout, "It’s new! It’s a fresh beginning! This place is for you. You are appreciated and accepted. Welcome!"
What if every day was the first of day school? What if every day students (and staff) arrived with the sense that today is new, a fresh beginning, that today I am appreciated and accepted?
Amazing things happen those first few days of school. People show up, on time, with anticipation. They are the best versions of—listening to each other, responding with respect, honoring each other’s ideas, cooperating and focusing on the task at hand. This doesn’t happen by accident. The attention we give to the first days of school is driven by an intentional orchestration to ensure that everything’s in its place and that everyone is immersed in an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and support. Why? Because we want school to be a place worth coming to!
Over the next few weeks, as you establish the foundation of your classroom or school, do whatever it takes to ensure that everyone feels like school and each classroom is worth coming to. Here’s how:
Setting a strong foundation at the start of a school year creates an aligned classroom where students are clear on how to interact effectively with one another. A strong foundation includes a common vision of what success looks like and clearly defined procedures, agreements, expectations, values, and principles. Establishing a strong foundation at the start of a school year pays dividends all year with increased focus, time on task, and joy of learning.


In QL classrooms, students work with the teacher to determine how the class will operate. Procedures let everyone know what to expect and what action to . . .
To learn more about establishing that strong foundation, use the link below for relevant excerpts from Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Quantum Learning System by Barbara K. Given and Bobbi DePorter.


NEW! 8 Keys Songs Now Available for Primary Classrooms!

Last school year we sent links to the songs for some of the 8 Keys. Now we can offer these songs in a package of all 8 Keys with video and lyrics for each Key.
Created by Steven Traugh, teacher extraordinaire in Oceanside, California, these songs for primary school children are performed enthusiastically by Oceanside children. With the lyrics and songs now available, you can teach your primary students the 8 Keys songs—what a great way to introduce each Key of the month! Available online as downloads at $3.95/per song and $15 for the set (50% discount). Find them at http://shopql.com/music-list.aspx
Make character development a priority this year! Sign up at 8Keys.org as a teacher, principal or school to get your free newsletter and series of lessons.


Every QL teacher and administrator knows the undeniable impact of first impressions on students’ beliefs about themselves and their abilities. Their minds and hearts race with questions: Can I make it in this class? Will I be successful? Can I keep up? What will the teacher think of me?

Mined from the brilliance of QL teachers across the nation come these tips to a scorching start of your year.
  • Greet and get a few minutes with every student.
  • Learn names.
  • Speak to the intention that this is our best year yet.
  • Believe all students are capable and empower them to rise to the challenge.
  • Connect before content — remember we teach people in addition to content.
  • Remember why you do this work. It helps filter out all of the "noise" in education and keeps us focused on doing what is best for student learning.


From Maine to California conferences and programs kept us busy across the states.
National Conferences
National Association of Elementary School Principals
Workshop Titles: Accelerate Change, Put Me In, Coach!
Teacher Development: Excellence in Teaching
Public Institutes (4): CA, IL, ME
Quantum Learning Essentials (12): CA, CO, IL, ME, TX
Classroom Culture and Management (9): CA, IL, MN, TN, TX, WY, UT
Design & Delivery for Learning (4): CA, IL, NE, WY
Custom Teacher Programs (5): CA, CO, IL, MN
QL Site Facilitator Trainings (3): IL, TX, WY
Student Development: Excellence in Learning
Our Excellent Learner, Excellent Leaders and Excellent Scholar program reached students in CA, HI, TX, NM
Don’t miss out! Bring Quantum Learning to your classroom, school and/or district! Check the website for more information.

What’s Coming

AASA's Personalized Learning Summit
September 21, 2016
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Location: Quantum Learning,
1938 Avenida Del Oro, Oceanside CA, 92056

As part of AASA's review and planning, the need has become very clear to create a community of leading superintendents to head the nationwide movement for personalized learning. This one-day event will provide an introduction to personalized learning and open dialogue about where and how to implement it in schools.
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