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  • Neurofact or Neuromyth? Working memory can only hold one thing at a time
  • Berryton ES – On path to QL Distinguished School
  • Previous Atom Issues: QL Certification and QL Conference
  • MyPower QL Leadership Camps
  • Attention: Excerpt from Excellence in Teaching & Learning
  • Out & About – Bring QL to your school!
  • QL Programs, Products, and Resources

A new school year’s upon us . . . what better time to
stay focused and do the One Thing!

The beginning of the year, although full of anticipation and newness, can be overwhelming—learning students’ names, establishing an empowering culture, launching new units, evaluating initial assessments, incorporating the myriad strategies needed for your students.

It’s a lot to handle. How do you keep your focus and help your students get off to a great start? Do the One Thing.

Neurofact or Neuromyth? Working memory can only hold one thing at a time.

Cup = Topic in working memory—The One Thing (e.g. day one of new school year)

Colored markers = Items related to topic (e.g. greeting, students’ names, music, seating, procedures)

Pink marker = Current item of focus (e.g. greeting)

Sharpies = Distractions (e.g. late student, intercom message)

Learning and retention, connections and creativity, are enhanced and more efficient when we Focus on One Thing! Unrelated distractions pull our attention. Attention is necessary for learning!

Memory experts and the research they’ve conducted point to working memory’s ability to hold five to seven singular items, plus or minus two. The research focused on the storage of numbers and/or letters, not bigger chunks (or units) as one topic. Working memory does hold one thing at a time. Here’s the distinction. The one thing is a grouping of items around a larger concept, topic or unit, and working memory can focus on one item for a nanosecond, and in a series of nanoseconds can make connections and create new ideas and insights. Working memory allows us to make connections and associations with existing knowledge and experience that leads to new learning and remembering.

This switching can galvanize our thinking when it is on one topic and striving for an answer or new thought. If the switching is to an unrelated thought or distraction, it interrupts our chain of thoughts leading to new ideas and/or moving new learning into long-term memory.

What’s useful for students is to know is that when they begin to learn something new or think about a concept or review information, they are more efficient when their focus is on one task/topic without distractions. Working memory needs time to connect and associate. The better the focus the more we accomplish, the better our comprehension, and the longer the retention.

As stated in Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Quantum Learning System, Patricia Wolfe explains short-term and working memory in her book, Brain Matters: Translating Research into Classroom Practices. Wolfe states "The ability to remember information for a short amount of time is often referred to as short-term memory. Other researchers refer to this ability as working memory. Working memory allows us to integrate current perceptual information with stored knowledge, and to consciously manipulate the information (think about it, talk about it, and rehearse it) well enough to ensure its storage in long-term memory.

What’s useful about brain science? How we apply it for our benefit and what difference it makes in knowing how the brain functions.

They’ve Begun Their Journey!

Berryton Elementary School’s initial steps toward becoming a Quantum Learning Distinguished School.

Although small in size, Berryton Elementary is huge in their pursuit of excellence!

Berryton Elementary School provides a quality educational experience in a safe and caring environment to ensure all students reach their highest academic potential.

Quantum Learning Education is proud to partner with Berryton Elementary on their path to become the first U.S. Quantum Learning Distinguished School. (QLDS process described in last ATOM. See link below.)

It began with a simple question: How can we take it to the next level? Berryton Elementary and other schools in the Shawnee Heights School District (USD 450) have embraced Quantum Learning for over ten years. After her attendance at the 2019 Quantum Learning Conference, Laura Hurla, a District 450 QL site facilitator, brought the idea of becoming a distinguished school to her school leadership team. "Yes!" was their immediate response. The initial steps have included:

Further steps include a QL-focused PD schedule and the use of the Implementation and Reflection Guide and Learning Walkthrough form.

Berryton’s dedication to providing an empowering culture and high-levels of cognition is a hallmark of a QL Distinguished School.

To learn how your school can become a distinguished school, email info@QuantumLearning.com or call us at 800-285-3276.

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MyPower Quantum Leadership Camps

"Girls throughout Lea County present the Fast Forward of all the content they learned during the MyPower-Quantum Leadership Camps. Students worked on memorization techniques, note-taking skills, setting boundaries, self-advocacy and not allowing "FIMAGE" (fear of others judgement to protect our image) to stop us from living our best life!" —Elaine Sena Cortez, Executive Director, My Power Inc. (Facebook)


My Power, now in its 10th year, is led by QL Educational Consultant Cami Eiskamp, with a team of QL facilitators!

Attention is Necessary for Learning

Excerpt from Excellence in Teaching & Learning: The Quantum Learning System, by Barbara K. Given and Bobbi DePorter

We’ve known for a very long time that we fail to remember what the brain fails to cognitively process, and the brain needs to pay attention for information to be remembered. . . .

Pay attention, a teacher may implore of wandering minds, but what does it mean to pay attention?"Attention is the cognitive process of selectively concentrating on one aspect of the [external and internal] environment while ignoring other things" (J. Anderson, 2004, p. 519). Dubuc (2002) says "attentiveness is often said to be the tool that engraves information into memory" (p. 1). Without attention, nothing gets stored in memory; without memory, there is no learning, and since learning "is the main activity of the brain," the brain depends on attention to do its work of remembering (Dubuc, 2002). In other words, attention is the prerequisite to learning and memory. Without attention, virtually nothing taught will be remembered. That’s why pique curiosity is QL’s first step in preparing students to learn. READ MORE

To learn more about the vast research behind Quantum Learning, read Excellence in Teaching and Learning: The Quantum Learning System by Barbara K. Given and Bobbi DePorter. Find it HERE.


Teacher Development

Colorado Springs Early Colleges, Colorado Springs, CO: Classroom Culture Management
O'Neal Elementary, Elgin, IL: Custom Program
Mansfield Independent School District, Arlington, TX: Essentials
Mansfield Independent School District, Arlington, TX: Classroom Culture Management
Deming Cesar Chavez Charter School, Deming, NM: Design and Delivery
Cardinal Community, Keenesburg, CO: Essentials
Idabel Public School, Idabel, OK: Custom Program
Civa Charter School, Colorado Springs, CO: Custom Program
Monument Academy, Monument, CO: 8 Keys Training
Creede School District, Creede, CO: Essentials
Anaconda School District #10, Anaconda, MT: Essentials

Leadership Development

Oklahoma GEAR UP: Superintendent Roundtables and Administrator Summits

Youth Development

Cypress Fairbanks USD, Cypress, TX: Algebra Camp
MyPower Inc., Hobbs, NM: Excellent Learner
Tsehootsooi Medical Center/HPDP MSPI Program, Fort Defiance, AZ: Excellent Learner
The Academy for Math, Engineering and Science, Excellent Leader: Murray, UT: Character, Confidence, Grit, and Leadership

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Netherlands: Quantum Academy
Dellwood and Clearwater Middle Schools, Bermuda: 8 Keys programs and Facilitation Training, QLET, QLEL, Student Leadership Training, and Parent Workshops
Malaysia: Trainings toward QL Distinguished School

Conferences and Keynotes

Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District, Houston, TX
Big Hollow School District, Ingleside, IL: Keynote Talk


Oceanside CA: Family Workshop, 10/12/19, Cami Eiskamp

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