Quantum Learning News – Spring/Summer 2019

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In this issue:

  • Become a QL Certified Educator!
  • Could Your School Become a Certified QL Distinguished School?
  • Taylor’s Education – On Their Way to Becoming Certified QL Distinguished Schools
  • Let’s have some fun – How well do you know the QL System?
  • Teacher Shares: Kathy’s Classroom
  • Teacher Effectiveness: Excerpt from Excellence in Teaching & Learning
  • Out & About – Attend a Summer Public Institute
  • QL Programs, Products, and Resources

Summer’s upon us . . . what better time to
deepen your practice and become QL Certified!

QL Certification – Become a QL Certified Educator!

You asked and it’s official – a QL Certification process!

I am a Quantum Learning Educator!

Ask yourself . . . to what extent am I using Quantum Learning in my classroom and lessons?

QL is a system that produces engaged, joyous, meaningful learning, and it takes ongoing practice and deepening one’s understanding to masterfully orchestrate the components to get the desired result. Be acknowledged for your progress and start now!

"What’s in it for me, you ask?" Check out these benefits:

  • Get access to the ever-growing QL treasure trove of ideas, blogs, lesson plans and podcasts
  • Be part of a QL community sharing stories and best practices.
  • Grow as an educator and deepen your QL practice
  • It’s an acknowledgement to yourself of the work you’re doing
  • It sends a message to you and the world about your commitment to student success

Start your certification process now QLCertification.com. The first level simply asks for your commitment to practice and continue your learning of Quantum Learning.

The next step is a quick QL Assessment (more like an inventory then a test). It takes about four or five minutes to complete it. Upon completion you receive a score which determines whether you enter the Level 2 or Level 3 Certification path. Then you’ll receive your GuideBook that explains the requirements.

Summer is a great time to get QL Certified!

We look forward to you joining the hundreds of other educators becoming QL certified.

Imagine . . . You’ve embraced Quantum Learning. You’re diligently creating a classroom culture where students feel safe, supported, and that they belong. You’re doing your best to orchestrate learning, facilitate students’ state, and celebrate their successes. The 8 Keys of Excellence guide you and your students’ actions and you’re seeing students’ taking ownership of their choices. Students love being in your class, they experience success every day, and are engaged in meaningful learning. You feel good about the impact you’re seeing and you’re finding joy in what you do.

Could Your School Become a Certified QL Distinguished School?

The Certified QL Distinguished School process is designed to bring clarity, direction and inspiration to develop classroom culture and cognition that results in joyful, engaged learning.

Quantum Learning is an ongoing process and many schools have committed to QL for a number of years, even decades. We know that to achieve a deep understanding and effective implementation of Quantum Learning it takes commitment and focus over time.

Teachers know the results they want—the look and feel of their classrooms, the engagement of the students, the curiosity and excitement for learning, and the resulting achievement. And even though these are the results they desire, many are frustrated as they don’t know how to achieve these results.

The Certified QL Distinguished School (QLDS) process goes beyond surface implementation. It goes beyond the "occasional workshop" thinking to an intentional, multi-year, implementation of the QL System that results in measurable increases in teacher effectiveness, student achievement, and leadership capacity. When you walk into a QL classroom, you can both feel and observe the QL System level that is being implemented.

Becoming a QLDS is usually a two-year journey that begins with . . .

  • Leadership alignment meeting with QL Team (onsite or virtual call)
  • Teachers begin QL Certification process
  • Assessment of current implementation (number of teachers/levels)
  • Development of a strategic plan
  • Monthly or bi-monthly QL Team virtual meetings
  • QL on-site trainings schedule

A QL Distinguished School is a culture immersed in Quantum Learning. Administrators lead with clarity and inclusion, teachers facilitate high levels of engagement and thinking, students learn in ways that build their confidence and competence, and parents support and participate in the growth of their children. This is a place of belonging, learning, collaboration, and celebration. Is your school becoming a community like this? Let’s talk. Email us at QLeducators@quantumlearning.com.

Taylor’s Education – On their way to Becoming Certified QL Distinguished Schools

Taylor’s International Schools (TIS) in Puchong and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, are intent on becoming the first QL Distinguished Schools. With a relentless commitment by leadership at all levels, the high-implementation efforts of the QL Guides, and a parent community excited to see their children learn at high levels, TIS is on target for a March 2020 designation ceremony! READ their story!

Senior Leaders engaged in "Create a Winning Hand."

Alleyce, TIS QL Site Facilitator, teaches the QL System to 75 teachers during the Essentials Course.

To learn how your school or district can experience the impact of Quantum Learning systemwide, drop us an email, QLeducators@quantumlearning.com or call us at 800.532.2867.

How Well Do You Know the Quantum Learning System?

If you’ve taken the Essentials Course, then most likely you’ll know everything on this Performance. Take it now and see if you can gain all 26,400 points!


Teacher Shares: Kathy’s Classroom

Kathy Forman-Hitt (QL teacher, CA teacher K-College, Ret. 2019)

"Come As You Are in 2039 Party"

Every year for the last five years, I have organized a See It, We Can Be It event with my students. I got the idea from Jack Canfield who does Who Are You In Five Years with adults.* I increased it to twenty years, and my students come dressed for careers they may have when they’re 30 years old. The students create vision boards around their future careers and lives. I’ve had eleven parents serve MARTINELLI’s in champagne glasses, sandwiches, and cookies. Some parents came to talk about their work with the students. It’s always a great day.

Here are some student reactions:

  • Eva: "Our Party was an inspiring event that helped us think through our futures."
  • Tristan: "Dressing up made us feel like we reached our goals!"
  • Ariana: "It was a fun experience to act like a grown-up."
  • Mathias: "It was a memorable moment to be with my friends and participate in activities that grown-ups would do."

* Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles (page 93): "Come as You Will Be in Five Years"

Teacher Effectiveness

"Differences in teacher effectiveness are the single biggest factor
affecting academic growth in populations of kids . . .
and the key is to help less effective teachers become more effective."

— Dr. William Sanders, Findings of the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment*

Teacher Effectiveness Makes the Difference

Much is expected from teachers and often there is little direction or explicit support on how to get required results. . . . "All students leave high school- college and career ready." Willhoft (2013) pointed out that what’s missing is what comes between the expectations (standards) and the goal (college and career ready). "Currently things are not in place for students to leave [K–12 schooling] college and career ready," he stated. "Teachers need information and tools to improve," Willhoft stressed. Toward this end, we offer Excellence in Teaching and Learning as a comprehensive approach for how to achieve the desired goal that students leave high school prepared for success in college and career. READ MORE (Excerpt from Excellence in Teaching & Learning: The Quantum Learning System by Barbara K. Given and Bobbi DePorter)

*Findings of the Tennessee Value-Added Assessment (Dr. William Sanders)
From 1991 to 1996, approximately 6 to 7 million records for the state of Tennessee’s entire grades 2 to 8 student population were analyzed, including the histories of individual student measurements of achievement in mathematics, reading, language arts, science and social studies. For more information about the assessment go to: http://www.shearonforschools.com/TVAAS_index.html

After applying Quantum Learning Teaching Methodology . . .

Teachers report
  100% Being more effective
  94% Are more aware of student learning styles and needs
  86% Have more meaningful connections with students
Students report
  73% Give 100% in class and improve grades
  68% Enjoy learning more
  89% Have higher self-esteem as a learner
(Results of Masters Study)

Out & About

Public Institutes – Summer 2019

Oceanside, California

June 15 Family Character Development & Habits, Cami Eiskamp, Oceanside, CA
June 24 & 25 Excellence in Teaching: Essentials, Cheyenne Foster, Oceanside, CA
June 29 Teaching Character Education, Cami Eiskamp, Oceanside, CA
August 12 & 13 Excellence in Teaching: Classroom Culture and Management, Cami Eiskamp, Oceanside, CA


June 6 & 7 Classroom Culture and Management, Shari Murphy, Crestwood, IL
June 13 & 14 Excellence in Teaching: Quantum Learning Essentials, Shari Murphy, Tinley Park, IL
June 19 & 20 8 Keys of Excellence: Principles to Live By, Shari Murphy, Crestwood, IL


Quantum Learning Excellence in Teaching and Learning events

Teacher Development

Literacy First Charter School, El Cajon, CA: Custom Program, Cami Eiskamp
Riverview K-8 School, Shelby County, Memphis, TN: Classroom Culture and Management, Shari Murphey
Pattison Elementary School, Milford, OH: Design and Delivery, Shari Murphy
Cypress Fairbanks, Cypress, TX: Observation and Coaching, Jenny Severson
Rockford Public Schools, Rockford, IL: Essentials Pt. 1 & 2, Shari Murphy
University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN: Essentials Pt. 1 & 2, Ellie Terrill
University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN: Classroom Culture and Management, Ellie Terrill
University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN: Consulting, Jenny Severson
Integrity Charter School, National City, CA: Essentials Pt. 1 & 2, Cami Eiskamp
Bay High School, Panama City, FL: Classroom Culture and Management, Jenny Severson
Hickman Elementary School, Nashville, TN: 8 Keys Training, Shari Murphy
Colorado Springs Early Colleges, Colorado Springs CO: Classroom Culture and Management, Cami Eiskamp
Ronald D. O'Neal Elementary School, Elgin IL: Custom QL Training, Shari Murphy
Mansfield Independent School District, Mansfield TX: Essentials, Jenny Severson
Mansfield Independent School District, Mansfield TX: Classroom Culture and Management, Jenny Severson
Cardinal Community Academy, Keenesburg, CO: Essentials, Cami Eiskamp
Idabel Public School, Idabel, OK: Custom Workshop, Shari Murphy
CIVA Charter School, Colorado Springs, CO: Custom QL Training, John LeTellier
Cypress Fairbanks, Cypress, TX: Professional Development, Jenny Severson
Creede Public Schools, Creede, CO: Classroom Culture and Management, Cami Eiskamp

Leadership Development

Okmulgee Public Schools, Okmulgee, OK: Executive Coaching, Mark Reardon
Oklahoma GEAR UP, Oklahoma City, OK: Leading a GEAR UP Initiative, Mark Reardon

Youth Development

Cypress Fairbanks USD, Cypress, TX: Algebra Camp, Jenny Severson
Tsehootsooi Medical Center/HPDP MSPI Program, Fort Defiance, AZ: Excellent Learner, Shari Murphy & Chase Mielke
MyPower Inc., Hobbs, NM: Excellent Learner, Cami Eiskamp
The Academy for Math, Engineering and Science, Murray, UT: Excellent Leader: Character, Confidence, Grit, and Leadership, Jenny Severson


Two Rivers Head Start Agency, Elgin, IL: Keynote Session, Shari Murphy
Cypress Fairbanks, RRR Conference, Cypress, TX: Jenny Severson
Big Hollow School District, Ingleside, IL: Custom Keynote Talk, Shari Murphy


The Mirrors Programme, Bermuda: All In! 8 Keys of Excellence Programme, Cheyenne Foster
Taylor’s International Schools, Malaysia: Certified QL Distinguished School, Mark Reardon

QL Programs, Products, and Resources

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